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    Rogz Red Control Dog Harness

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    Product description

    Rogz Red Control Dog Harness

    Regain control of walkies with this innovative Stop Pull harness. Designed for strong and erratic pullers, this harness applies soft pressure around the girth to stop your dog when they pull on the lead.

    The Stop Pull harness may be used with a single attached lead on the rear ring or with a double ended lead attaching also to the front chest clip for additional control.

    Key Features:

    • Harness for dogs who are strong and erratic pullers when walked
    • Available in a range of colours and sizes
    • Gives you more control and makes walking your dog more comfortable and enjoyable
    • Durable nylon webbing across chest, elastic cord around chest allows for gentle pressure
    • Reflective strips in nylon webbing
    • Can be used with a single or double attachement

    Size guide: 

    Sizing for this harness is based off girth measurement, which is the circumference of your dogs chest just behind the shoulder and elbow.

    Medium: To fit girth 320 to 520mm, Nylon webbing width 16mm
    Suits breeds: French BulldogDachshund, Shih Tzu

    Large: To fit girth 450 to 750mm, Nylon webbing width 20mm
    Suits breeds: Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Staffy), Cocker Spaniel, Beagle

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    Rogz Red Control Dog Harness