Best Price Policy

Best Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions
If you find a lower price, we'll beat it!
1. To be eligible, customers must provide evidence of the competitor's current advertised price by providing a link to a competitor's website or screenshot of the publicly advertised price.

2. The competitor's price must be publicly advertised and be the final price, including GST, delivery and other fees.
3. This offer cannot be backdated and is not valid for orders purchased in the past through Discount Pet Centre. 
4. The policy applies where the competitor's product is identical to Discount Pet Centre Product.
5. Our best price guarantee does not extend to the following:
  • Gifts with purchases
  • Products priced as part of a bundle
  • Display stock, end of line, trade or clearance lines
  • Pricing errors
  • Below cost pricing
  • Overseas or illegitimate retailers